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Special Ethnic Minorities: Obama Priority #1 (with a touch of anti-White sentiment)

26 Sep

“…Advancing the health, safety, and well-being of the American people has special relevance for racial and ethnic minorities who fare far worse than their non-Hispanic White counterparts…”    -United States Health and Human Services.

In the following excerpts I will be showing DIRECT quotes from the U.S. Plan to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities.  In all honestly, I am in a bit of a shock at the White label that OUR GOVERNMENT uses many, many times in this document (as a side note, why is it OK for the government to call Caucasians ‘White?’ That isn’t politico, and I’m offended.) I suppose that racism/racial profiling is only politically incorrect when the targets are “minorities” instead of “Non-Hispanic Whites”, as the government deems.  See for yourself here: http://minorityhealth.hhs.gov/npa/files/Plans/HHS/HHS_Plan_complete.pdf

“…expanding healthcare access, data collection, and the use of evidence-based interventions will contribute to health equity for vulnerable populations that are defined by income, geography, disability, sexual orientation or other important characteristics…”  

In this type of rhetoric, it appears that the government is the one doing the stereotypical profiling. Who else is defining them solely in terms of income, geography, disability, etc…How demoralizing and dehumanizing to the very population they are pretending to “serve?” How about motivating this very segment of society to reach further, to dream bigger, to work harder, to know that they are NOT just an income or ethnic statistic, by treating them as HUMANS instead of “vulnerable” low-income ethnic dependents?

2. “...the American Association of Medical Colleges reported that in 2008, Hispanics made up approximately 16 percent of the U.S. population, but accounted for less than 6 percent of all physicians….

African Americans accounted for a similar proportion of the U.S.’s population, but just over 6 percent of physicians…”

So, the answer to this is to propel “disadvantaged” minority medical students, no matter their academic merit, but only due to the color of their skin?  The government’s solution:

create a pipeline program for students to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the public health and biomedical sciences professions…Create an undergraduate pipeline program to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the health professions…

Is there anyone stupid enough to think that an intelligent African-American pre-med student has a hard time getting into medical school? Come on. Thanks to Affirmative Action, the minority student has a decidedly large advantage over the “Non-Hispanic White” of similar intelligence and academic standing.  So what’s really being said here? THE COMPETENCY OF THE INDIVIDUAL’S WORK DOES NOT MATTER ANYMORE. It’s all about this purported ‘equality of opportunity’, at the expense of what should be the most important criteria for health professionals such as doctors and nurses who are dealing with human lives: competence and quality of work.